Pay your Print Out lab fee here through our square store.

We designed Print Out to be a time that the curious and the rusty, the conversationalists and the gurus can all come together and meet. On Wednesdays from 7-10pm we open our doors, pour some chemicals and invite anyone who has an interest in photography to visit. The camaraderie is always free. If you have some experience and want to try our facilities the lab fee is only $15. Even if it's been a few years since you've been in a darkroom, you can bring some negatives and paper and try out our facilities. If you're a regular darkroom user and have a tricky negative, bring it in and source your darkroom community for guidance. Some of our members have more experience than many university teachers! Getting feedback from a room full of photographers has never been easier or more worthwhile. If you're feeling a bit rusty, we offer dedicated Black and White Printing classes to help you with the basics.


We can also help you develop your film at Print Out, although we ask that those developing film arrive between 7-8pm to allow enough time for your film to dry. If it has been a while and you need quick pointers on how to develop your own film, Print Out is a great opportunity. We provide all the chemistry and tools, including metal and plastic reels and tanks. Bring your exposed, black-and-white film and you can walk out with your own negatives. Never processed film? You're welcome at Print Out to see where the magic happens and what equipment and chemicals are used. But for first-time film processors we ask that you attend one of our upcoming Intro to Film Development classes to receive dedicated instruction for developing your film.

Here at the Chicago Community Darkroom, we feel a deep sense of pride in supporting our photographic community. We are committed to helping people of all skill levels and experience to be able to walk away with something they are proud of. We hope you can join us for Print Out and become a part of our film photography family.