B+W Printing 101

Join Greg Wiley for a Printing 101 class, catered to those who have the interest, but maybe not the skills, to bring photographs to life. He will show you how to print your black and white negatives onto emulsion paper, from start to finish. Topics include photographic chemistry, making contact sheets, when and why to use test strips, and techniques to help you get a print you can be proud of. Sign up for one of the dates below.

thursday MAY 5th 7-10PM $60




Join us for a lesson in how to develop your very own roll of B+W film. If you've had film laying around undeveloped, or have always been curious to take out that old camera, now's the chance to learn how to get your hands dirty and develop your own film. You'll learn how to load your film on reels, mix chemistry, read development time tables and finish, dry and sleeve your film.

All you need to bring is an undeveloped roll of 35mm or 120 B+W film and we'll show you the rest. Please note film marked "Process C-41" is color print film and should not be used. Contact us if you have any questions.

Monday May 9th 6:30-9:30 $45